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May 2009

Note: If you purchase 3.2 right now with upgrade protection, you will receive the 4.0 version for free – this will be at a significant savings. 4.0 will be released June 27th, 2009 We are proud to announce that the IntelliAdmin Remote Control 4.0 beta is ready. This release is quite stable, and I hope […]


Note (07/16/2009): This was a limited offer…the eBook is no longer free. You can purchase a copy from here Microsoft has announced they are giving away the Windows 2008 Terminal Services book in PDF format. I downloaded it yesterday, and it is packed with information. A must-have if you are considering implementing, or have implemented […]


We have been working hard on the new version of IntelliAdmin Remote Control. Some things that will be in the new version: Screen scaling – The client will automatically shrink the view to fit the screen within the window. With huge resolutions, you no longer are forced to constantly scroll around Alpha Capture Disable – […]


I was trying to install Microsoft Exchange 2007 on a new 2008 server. During the install plan I got to this step: If you click on that link it leads you to a download page. Everywhere you look you see downloads for 2003, and XP. Nothing about Windows Server 2008. I decided to try one […]

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I have been using the Release Candidate of Windows 7 since it came out. Every day I try to poke around and find out what is new. I found an interesting tool for finding programs and settings that eat away at your laptop battery life. It is available as a new command line option of […]


I have been looking for a good synchronization program for a long time now. I have had the opportunity to try quite a few over the years. I came across another one last week called GoodSync. I decided to give it a try. Two issues I always have with most sync programs I have used: […]


Since 2000 every version of Windows uses object reuse protection. When you create a file, the space on the hard drive for that file will be zeroed out. Another way of looking at this is when a file is created, Windows will make it impossible to see what was there before. But what about right […]


I have quite a few scripts that are run by task scheduler on my server.  One of the ways I track the results is by writing to a text file in a common share. After a while this can become a little ridiculous to follow. Recently I discovered that it is possible to create your […]

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