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I got a question from Andrea this week: “Hi Steve, We have some VMs under HyperV that are used for training during the day and we would like to setup a vbscript that could be called from windows scheduler that could start them up in the morning, and shut them down at the end of […]


I got a great question from Brian this week: “Is there a quick way to delete the temp files for all user profiles? We have some PC’s that many users logon to and over a period of time there can be many thousands of temp files in each users profile.” A simple way to do […]


I got a question from Mark this week: “Hi Steve, Love your newsletter, keep sending me the good stuff 🙂 I have a question for you. I was wondering if there was a way to delete printers that were offline from a script. This would allow me to clean up dead printers without going around […]


James asked this week: “Hi Steve. I liked your script that automatically disabled the wireless card when the Ethernet was enabled. But I was wondering, how about a script that ran when a ping to a server timed out? “ This is not as hard as it sounds – we can use the ping command […]


I got a question from Murali: “Suppose if I have a 100+ work group machines in the same network how can I run a script remotely against them? I would like to enter a range of IP address for my selection” This is a tough one since Workgroup computers (Systems not joined to a domain) […]


Got a question from Matthew this week: “I was wondering if you guys have a script that could determine what OU a user is a member of…sort of an if then else clause, If a member of “Said Group” then do this, Else End If…” Good question Matthew. This turns out to be more difficult […]


I got a question from Mike this week: “Hi steve. Hope all is well. I am the IT manager at a small bank in Texas. We have lots of patch management tools…so I am not looking for that. Before an audit I would like to quickly force all of my machines to download and install […]


Got a question from Enrico, “Good morning Steve, and Happy New Year!…I would like that when the user has a wired NIC up and running, the wireless NIC is automatically disabled, and as soon as the wired NIC disconnects, the wireless NIC activates. This prevents the user to have both NICs up and running at […]


The emails keep coming in. Keep it up 🙂 This question is from Steve (Awesome name, love it): “Hi Steve. We have a piece of software that does not run as a service. It runs like any other application. You launch it and it performs batch processing. The problem is, well, if this application dies […]


I have been avoiding it for a long time. I know batch files, and VB script so well that I am not in the mood to learn a totally different scripting language. As each day passes Microsoft is slowly phasing out their support for VB Script. Eventually Power Shell will be the only way to […]


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