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We just released an update to our Enterprise Remote Control. It updates OpenSSL to address this denial of service vulnerability: The issue would allow someone to send a special crafted back to crash the openssl library, and deny access until you restart the service. Due to the number of problems found in OpenSSL, we […]


If you purchased Enterprise Remote Control, or are running the trial – you will want to get this update. A new vulnerability has been found in SSL used for secure web communications. It is called the POODLE attack It can be mitigated by upgrading your browser, but the best solution is to fix it on […]


A new vulnerability was found in the open source library “OpenSSL”. It is called the heartbleed bug. This bug allows an attacker to get the private keys for an HTTPS Server that is running OpenSSL. This bug has affected some of the biggest sites out on the Internet. From Amazon to Netflix. Enterprise Remote Control […]


Yesterday we released a new version of Enterprise Remote Control. This build fixes some long standing issues that were very tough to isolate: Issue: Agents would take a long time to reconnect if the DNS server settings were changed, or the DNS server was down. Resolution: A complete change was made to how the agent […]


I got a question from Elizabeth this week: “Hi Steve. I am a big fan of all the tools you have, especially Network Administrator. We are going to have an IT audit next month and I want to get this network I inherited in shape. Mostly right now I want to get a complete list […]

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We just put the finishing touches on our latest beta of Remote Control online. What is it? It is an online service that allows you to remotely control computers as if you were there. The previous beta introduced the ability to control a computer using a support session. Here is how it works: You login […]


This week Nathan asks: “Hi Steve, I hope you can help me with this one. I am trying to get a report on what programs and ports are allowed in the firewall on machines across my network. I don’t want to just enable group policy, since it might break something. If I can get a […]


My friend Mike emailed me: “Hey Steve, I thought I might pass along another tool from Nirsoft. I just used it to solve a random crash issue I had with one of our remote servers. It would crash intermittently, and I could never get the staff to look at the machine before they cycled the […]


I got a question from Darren: “Steve, been using the free edition of Network Administrator. Nice tool, but it is missing something we need. I see you have the ability to shutdown and reboot systems, but what about logging off users?” Good question. I remember when I would do after hours upgrades – and one […]


I have been getting lots of questions from everyone, and that is great This week I got a question from Charles, “Hello Steve, I have a problem, I need to run a VB Script that will tell users that their password needs to be changed in x days. The Windows 7 balloon is not effective, […]


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