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Back in 2011 we created a tool called IdleLogoff. It was designed to automatically logoff users that no longer moved the keyboard or mouse for a set amount of time. This is usually needed for compliance reasons or in some cases public kiosks. How it works is you run the program from the startup folder […]


Since Microsoft purchased SysInternals, there has not been much activity out of them over the last few years. A few weeks ago that changed and they released SysMon. It is an interesting tool that I think primarily would be used for research and investigations of malware. At the same time, you might find it useful […]

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I got a question from Jim this week: “Hi Steve. Back in the old days when I was connected to the Internet via a modem, there was this cool network activity indicator down by the time. Do you know of anything like that for my network card?” Thanks for the great question Jim. There is […]


Over a year ago we came out with a utility to burn files from the command line. It was a little short on features, so this week we took some time and beefed it up. Here are the new options: -You can eject the drive -You can erase disks -You can set the label when […]


I can bet your network is like ours. The number of Virtual Machines we have running is double of what we had last year. For a long time now we have used a ‘poor mans backup’. We would shutdown the virtual machines and then robocopy the contents of the VM over to a backup drive. […]


I ran across an awesome little tool recently. It is called LastActivityView from NirSoft The program collects information from various sources, and can show you an activity report for a system that includes: -Folders accessed -System logon, shutdown, sleep times -Software installation time -Crashes -System restore point creation When you launch it, it loads almost […]


In July of 2012, Andrew asked us a question: “Hi Steve. I have been looking for a really simple utility. I am always on the phone with users, and sometimes it takes forever to walk them through and have them find their IP address or host name. I remember your post about BGInfo, but that […]


Today we released Beta 4 of Enterprise Remote Control Online. We have made some significant upgrades that will save you time, and we have a huge price discount for those that purchase during the beta period. What is it? It allows you to take control of computers remotely. No need to open up firewalls, or […]


I came across a utility this week that you might want to add to your toolbox. It is called WinDirStat. The program will give you a detailed view of what folders and files are taking up the most hard drive space. When you run the application it will analyze your local hard drives for usage: […]

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Hello Everyone, I hope your Friday is going well – I just wanted to put out this quick note to let you know we updated our SystemInfo.exe utility. If you don’t know what it is, you can read more about it here The update is in response to a few requests. Here are the new […]


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