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Network Administrator

Sorry it has been so long since I have had the newsletter. We have been working hard on the internals of Remote Control and Enterprise Remote Control to make way for multi-platform support, and features like file transfers. Because of the nature of the changes, we are not able to do a slow roll out […]

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Almost two years ago we came out with a Network Administrator plugin that could force MS automatic updates – remotely. After that release, one of the things we found is people needed it because of a botched WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) setup. When I say botched, it is pointing to the wrong IP address […]


A few weeks back I wrote a script that could go through all user profiles, and cleanup any temp files laying around. A long time customer Mark asked, “Could you add this to Network Admin?” Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this one Mark, but we got it. We added […]


This week Tim asked: “How do I run Defrag remotely using Network Administrator?” This is a good question. Normally you can execute any batch file, or script you want just using the remote execute plugin. Defrag.exe, and other tools built into Windows are different. Since the file is located under c:\windows\system32, Windows will try to […]


Internet Explorer 11 will be released sometime this fall – but what if you don’t want users to automatically upgrade? It is always better if you get the chance to test new versions of IE with your most heavily used websites – that way you don’t get hit with tons of support calls when it […]


Over the weekend I helped my friend upgrade his small network of computers to Office 2013. He is one of those people who loves to run the latest and greatest. Unfortunately Microsoft has decided to heavily push the cloud features of Office 2013. This means that every time you launch Word, Excel, etc you get […]


We have been getting many requests to add IE 10 blocking to Network Administrator. Why is that? IE 10 shows up as an automatic update…If a user runs an update on their own, and is not paying attention – they have IE 10 installed. After that, lots of stuff is broken for them (Not broken, […]


Last week I got an email from Chris: “One thing that would be really useful (In Network Administrator) for us would be the ability to run gpupdate with various switches i.e. /force or /boot to remote pc’s. especially when we have deployed software to a whole IT suite and then have to log on to […]


Chris emailed me this week and asked: “I was wondering how I could remotely execute a .reg file using Network Administrator?” At first I thought there might be an easy way using the remote execute option, but in order to import the file you need a copy of it on the remote machine. Instead, we […]

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I got an email from Clair this week: “Hi Steve, We have been using the free edition of Network Administrator for quite some time. I was wondering if there was a way to get a report of all USB devices on a system?” This is a good question Clair. First let me show you how […]


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