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Group Policy

I came across a very well thought out eBook that explains how to lock down Google Chrome using group policy. If you want to deploy Google Chrome, but are missing the control you had with IE…you will want to give it a read. It was written by an organization you may have heard about in […]


I have been getting lots of questions from everyone, and that is great This week I got a question from Charles, “Hello Steve, I have a problem, I need to run a VB Script that will tell users that their password needs to be changed in x days. The Windows 7 balloon is not effective, […]


This tip is only for Vista….so I apologize in advance to those of you still using XP. In Vista you can easily clear your browsing history by going into the options of Internet Explorer. I have helped a few organizations that use this information after a spyware incident to determine where the problem came from. […]


Since the release of Windows XP SP2 file and printer sharing has been blocked by default in the Windows firewall. This includes all versions of Vista, and even XP SP3. Heck the same is true for the pre-release versions of Windows 7 that I have looked at. This creates a problem for many of our […]


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