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Windows 7

Windows 10 has just been released – many of you have been asking me how to remove the annoying notification to upgrade in Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is actually not too hard. There is a registry key that you can set, and after a reboot it will no longer nag you to upgrade […]


This week we have a question from Linda: “Hi Steve, I am looking for a way to set wireless key settings from a script. We have lots of laptops, and it would take quite a bit of time to put in our key on all of them. Any easy way to do this?” Yes. Starting […]


This week we got a question from Mark: “Hi Steve, I just inherited a network of about 50 computers. I noticed that many of them have all kinds of shared folders. I am trying to do some cleanup and lock-down. Wondering if you have a nice script to remove all shares, except the administrative shares […]


I got a question from Lewis this week: “I hope this email finds you well. I have a plotter here at my company, and the driver is really temperamental. At least twice a week the driver crashes, and then all of the jobs get stuck in the spooler. To fix it I need to stop […]


The Cron Service for windows has been updated. To see what we have added, visit the announcement page If you spend any amount of time working with Unix, you will come across Cron and the CronTab file. What is it? Cron allows you to schedule programs to run at specified intervals, like every Sunday at […]


I like to keep my wireless network secure. Too easy for neighbors to pick up my passwords, and info just by connecting to my network. Worse yet, they could download pirated music or cause all kinds of trouble on my Internet connection. The problem with having a complex password is that it is hard for […]


It is that time again. Microsoft is getting close to releasing IE 9 in its final form. According to my sources, it will be released on Monday, March 14th. This also means it will show up in automatic updates as an “Important Update” If you want to prevent this from happening, you can setup a […]


If you are using Windows 7, then you must have run into the “Auto Maximize” feature. Microsoft calls it “Smart Window Arrangement” Here is a short youtube clip that shows you what I am talking about: Essentially if you move your window around and touch the corner, it will automatically maximize the window. After a […]


We have just put the finishing touches on Beta 4 of our Enterprise product. What is it? It is a remote administration solution that allows you to get to your computers from anywhere. Traditionally if you want to remote into a PC, you need to open ports, and determine its IP address. With Enterprise remote […]

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I was digging around to find a way to get an email when someone logged on to our source control server. It is a pretty important server, so I want to make sure people are only logging into it when they are supposed to. When I first started working on this idea I was going […]


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