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I have been using the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit from Microsoft for quite some time now (EMET). It is a great way to keep yourself protected from the unknown – unknown and yet to be discovered flaws in Windows, and Windows applications. What exactly is EMET? Well it is a free tool that runs in […]


I came across a neat utility this week that you might like. It changes the folder view in Windows (Windows Explorer) so it can have a tabbed view just like in Google Chrome: It is a simple one, but it sure beats having folder windows open all over the place It is called clover, and […]


File and printer sharing is needed for a variety of Windows administration tools. Our Remote Control, and Network Administrator need it to do their work. If you want to use the remote execution tool PSExec from Microsoft, it needs to be enabled. The same is true for other utilities like the cool software over at […]


Almost a year ago I wrote about defraging drives from the command line. I got an email from John that week: “Hi Steve, I wanted to let you know about a free defragmentation tool. It is called UltraDefrag. It can defrag drives, Registry hives, and the paging file” It took me a while, but I […]


Over the Thanksgiving holiday I found myself in a situation where I wanted to test some software (Dad wanted to install some free stuff, but I thought it might have spyware)…but I didn’t want to clutter the computer with the junk that might come with it. I thought about downloading a copy of VMWare. It […]


I told you two weeks ago about a free e-book from Microsoft. Well this week, I came across a blog posting from MS that has 10 of them! Here are the books: –SQL Server 2012 –SQL Server 2008 R2 –Introducing Windows 2008 R2 –Understanding Virtualization Solutions –Microsoft Office 365 –First Look Microsoft Office 2010 –Security […]


A number of you are asking how to enable the admin share in Windows 8 – I wrote this article to show you how. What is the admin share? It is a special share that allows programs to remotely push software and settings. The simple fact is if you need to push software across your […]


We have a fax server here that drops all of its incoming faxes to a shared folder. Unfortunately, because of the way it was designed it cannot be joined to our local domain. This means it has its own local account, and every time I reboot a username and password has to be entered to […]


I got a question from Thomas this week: Our office has a licensed copy of Network Administrator 3.0 which allows me to disable CD/DVD access. Is there an action that will allow me just disable the CD/DVD burn capability but still allow users to view files on CD/DVD? Burn..keep it from burning? Oops not that […]


If you are using Windows 7, then you must have run into the “Auto Maximize” feature. Microsoft calls it “Smart Window Arrangement” Here is a short youtube clip that shows you what I am talking about: Essentially if you move your window around and touch the corner, it will automatically maximize the window. After a […]


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