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BAT Files

Some time ago we released a free utility to burn files to DVD/CD from the command line. It has been quite popular, but one issue has been found. The utility did not close the burn session – which is fine in most situations. If you burned to a disk a second time and it had […]


This week I got a question from Matthew: “I’m in a situation where we have high turn-over on our first level of support. I’d like the help desk person to have local admin rights on most PC’s, but not all, and not specifically the way we have them grouped in Active Directory…Is there a way […]

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A few months ago I received an email from Steve in Ontario: “…I want to round out this junk cleaning by trashing empty directories as well. I have found all sorts of approaches to this, but none are elegant. I am old-school, having started as a UNIX system programmer some … 40 years ago:-) So, […]


This week we got a question from Mark: “Hi Steve, I just inherited a network of about 50 computers. I noticed that many of them have all kinds of shared folders. I am trying to do some cleanup and lock-down. Wondering if you have a nice script to remove all shares, except the administrative shares […]


This week we have a question from Vladimir: “Hello Steve, Happy New year to you and all the best in the new 2012. I’m battling here with fragmentation disk problems and I’m wondering; Is there a way to run a defragmentation process during night hours when all machines are idling? Can it be scripted so […]


I got a question from Justin this week: “Hi steve, Have a few scripts that I use for regular admin work. I want to combine them with a simple menu. I was wondering if there was an easy way to make a menu in a batch file.” Yes there is Justin, and it is actually […]


A few weeks back I wrote about deleting files that are in use What about copying them so you can back them up? I found a tool that will do just that. It is called hobocopy. Not to be confused with robocopy, hobocopy takes advantage of a system within windows called Volume Shadow Copy. This […]


Got a question from Nathan: “Steve, we have a file we need to download from a website once a week. Since I am the only one in the IT department, they have made it my job to get this file and put it on a public share every Friday. Is there any way I could […]


I got a question from Mike this week: “Hi Steve. I have a question. We have three remote branches and users move from branch to branch with their laptops. Is there any way to change their default printer when they login at each branch?” Further discussions with Mike gave me more info: Most of the […]


I got a question from one of our customers this week, “Is there a way to run profile generator based on its workstation name? We want cached mode activated for laptops but not desktops. Or can you advise how this can be determined with the batch file?” Actually we have had a tool internally that […]


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