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Command Line

If you are a command line junkie like me – you might want to check out this free utility I found. It is called ConEmu, a free command line replacement for Windows. The feature that got me interested is the tabbed interface: The tabs can be renamed, for quick identification: You can also start a […]

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Don’t know about you, but I have a few programs that I use through the day that require administrator access. This means every time I launch, I get the annoying UAC prompt: There is a simple trick to create a shortuct that will launch with no prompts. You can do it by creating a task […]

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We have a fax server here that drops all of its incoming faxes to a shared folder. Unfortunately, because of the way it was designed it cannot be joined to our local domain. This means it has its own local account, and every time I reboot a username and password has to be entered to […]


I got a question from one of our customers this week, “Is there a way to run profile generator based on its workstation name? We want cached mode activated for laptops but not desktops. Or can you advise how this can be determined with the batch file?” Actually we have had a tool internally that […]


Trying something new this week – got a video version of this weeks tip: Got a question from Linda this week, “Steve. We have quite a few IIS based web servers and each of them has their own custom configuration. I know how to backup all the files, but is there any way to backup […]


I have been getting lots of questions from everyone, and that is great This week I got a question from Charles, “Hello Steve, I have a problem, I need to run a VB Script that will tell users that their password needs to be changed in x days. The Windows 7 balloon is not effective, […]


Jennifer, sent me a question last week: Steve, Got a question for you. I have a small network of about 10 laptops. All of my users store their email in PST files in Outlook. I want to have an icon on their desktop that they can click to backup Outlook before they leave for the […]


I came across an interesting utility called UNetbootin. It allows you to create bootable USB drives for many flavors of linux – but the part that interested me was the additional utilities you could write to a flash drive: Parted Magic – a partition manager that can resize, repair, backup, and restore partitions. SystemRescueCD – […]


I was reading an article at PCMag about PatchMateXP. They have had all the patches for XP on one convenient CD. Unfortunately for PatchMateXP, this breaks a license with Microsoft and they shut themselves down before they got into legal trouble. This got me thinking – is there a way to get MS Updates on […]


Last week I wrote about a free tool from Microsoft for synchronizing files. I asked you if you had any tools that made your life easier – my inbox was filled with suggestions. One of the free tools that really caught my eye was Microsoft Network Monitor. I have been using Ethereal for a long […]


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