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IE 7

I am not sure if you are aware of it, but starting next year Microsoft is changing their Internet Explorer upgrade policy. Specifically, they will be putting IE updates into the standard automatic update cycle. This means if you have an older version of IE, it will automatically get upgraded. Many organizations have piles of […]


I got a question this week from a reader: Steve, we have a locked down environment and I have just about everything set the way I want it, but I still need to find a way of keeping users from deleting their Internet Explorer history. Sometimes we need to do a review of their computer […]

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Microsoft announced on Tuesday that a serious security hole was found in all versions of Internet Explorer. The flaw exploits the ActiveX plugin system in IE. If you use Internet Explorer, and are running flash – you are vulnerable. If you have any ActiveX control installed in IE you have a good chance of being […]


Back in 2006 we created an IE 7 blocking tool. It set a special registry key that would tell Automatic Update to totally skip IE 7 when it was released. Now the same can be accomplished with Internet Explorer 8. Yes, I do realize that it is still in beta, and has not even been […]


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