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File and Printer Sharing

I got my shiny new copy of Windows 7 today from MSDN. It became available to MSDN subscribers earlier this week. If you have access then give it a spin, there are some excellent improvements over Vista. I installed it today to test some of our software. One issue, that is also in Vista, is […]


We started out this week thinking that we would update FPEnabler.exe. We released this free program about a year ago, but we had to pull it from our website because it was breaking every few months with new patches released by Microsoft. FPEnabler simplified the process of adding a file and printer sharing exception to […]

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File and printer sharing is used primarily for…you guessed it…sharing your files and printers. By default Vista is configued with these disabled. Many times file and printer sharing is also needed for remote administration tools that access the admin$ share. The first step to getting this to work is enabling an exception in the firewall. […]

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Since the release of Windows XP SP2 file and printer sharing has been blocked by default in the Windows firewall. This includes all versions of Vista, and even XP SP3. Heck the same is true for the pre-release versions of Windows 7 that I have looked at. This creates a problem for many of our […]


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