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Windows 2008 R2

Windows Server Core is a stripped down version of 2008. It has no explorer, and most GUI functionality is removed. A great solution when you don’t want any extra software running on a production server. Soo much is missing that it can get frustrating when you just want to make a few changes before you […]


It is that time again. Microsoft is getting close to releasing IE 9 in its final form. According to my sources, it will be released on Monday, March 14th. This also means it will show up in automatic updates as an “Important Update” If you want to prevent this from happening, you can setup a […]


I was digging around to find a way to get an email when someone logged on to our source control server. It is a pretty important server, so I want to make sure people are only logging into it when they are supposed to. When I first started working on this idea I was going […]


When I first came across Windows 2008 Core, I was happy. Finally, a version of windows you could chisel down to just the base components that you needed. Microsoft did such a good job – that it is hard to configure it with the default settings 🙂 No graphical tools are provided (Well there are […]


I have been playing with Windows 7 again. While reading through a few Windows 7 blogs, I came across an article that described how to change the Logon background in Windows 7. If you have not had a chance to see Windows 7, this is what the default logon background looks like: Very similar to […]


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